Crowns and Bridges

A crown is needed to protect a tooth that has a large and weak filling, extensive decay, or a fracture. It is also needed on most root-canal treated teeth to provide strength. They serve as protective “caps” that restore chewing strength and esthetic appearance to teeth. Our crowns are made of a beautiful and strong porcelain that is custom matched to blend naturally with your smile. Instead of messing impressions, we use a comfortable intraoral digital scanner to achieve unparalleled accuracy. As a result of this innovative technology, we are assured more precisely fitting crowns. In cases where teeth are missing, a bridge is an option to prevent the adjacent and opposing teeth from shifting. Dental implants are the preferred choice to replace a missing tooth, but dental bridges offer a cost-effective option. Whether supported by natural teeth or implants, a bridge can offer natural esthetics and stable chewing surfaces. Because the units are fused together, a modified technique must be used when flossing.